2 Easy Tips for Increased Traffic and Conversions from Your Videos

Video is by far the easiest way to gain traffic for any of your offers, websites, business pages, etc.. BUT  with the hundreds of BILLIONS of views, THAT’s right BILLIONS WITH A “B”, on Youtube each month it’s also EASY to have your videos overlooked.  Unless you position them correctly, you’ll find yourself in the Youtube abyss – meaning on Youtube somewhere, but NOWHERE that anyone is finding your video with enough frequency to build views.



Keyword targeting is the first thing that anyone can do if they even want to THINK about ranking somewhere where their videos can be seen.  The best way to develop a keyword that you want to target is first use the root keyword, for example “Facebook Likes” and then think about what you want your audience to know, learn or be entertained with the subject of “Facebook Likes”.  Your keyword or keyword phrase might look something like, Can you really get 10,000 Facebook likes for FREE?  Not only is it compelling, but it is a question that someone may ACTUALLY type into a Google or Youtube search box.

The 2nd step for this traffic tip is this, identify the different variations of your keyword phrase that your audience might type into a search box and make a video for each variation.  That might be 6 videos, it might be 3 videos.  Don’t skimp on the content, but more importantly DON’T give up on ranking for the keyword phrase because your first attempt didn’t yield the results you wanted.  More entertaining, informative, targeted content that people can find that is attached to your Youtube channel, or Facebook page, cannot hurt, can it?


I promised 2 tips, one for traffic and one for conversions, so here is tip # 2.  What is the point of your video?  What do you want your audience to do once they are on your video, watching it, consuming it???  You might be thinking, everything…like, share, comment, click on the links, ALL OF IT!  Sorry, but if you instruct them in your video to do a bunch of different things, they’ll likely not do anything at all – except go on to the next video.  I engaged and watched videos on several different pages, you can check who I’m subscribed to on Youtube on my channel here, and something I noticed from people who had under 100 videos on their channels – NO CALL TO ACTION.

I tried an experiment and put an annotation on 4 of my videos, placing the annotation asking the viewer to subscribe to my channel in the last minute of each of the videos.  My result??  I gained a subscriber a day for the next 5 days!  Do not underestimate the power of a good, targeted call to action.  A video without a call to action, especially one designed to generate leads for your online business, is almost not worth uploading.

2 Tips Facebook Live Video

The GOOD News for you is, you can always go back and add annotations and calls to action for your videos AND you can go back to the videos that you made where you only targeted one keyword phrase AND make new videos with the other variations of your keyword.  The question is, WILL  YOU?  Repurpose your content on a video you made where you only received 10 views and post the links of both the first video and your new video in the comments below.  I can’t wait to see your before and after videos and how much traffic you start getting.

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