Fan Page System Review: What is the Fanpage System?


GVO/Pureleverage founder Joel Therien recently launched a lead generation system that is making it possible for people who LOVE using Facebook to work kai-kauai-fan-page-system-reviewup to a full-time income in their homebased businesses.  The system is designed with the regular, every day internet marketer in mind.  Attractive capture pages, link tracking, and a FREE lead gen system on the front end makes it almost irresistible for people NOT to give you their information.  So.. no matter what your experience level, you can use this system, and the POWER of Facebook to build a home based business without spending a DIME on Facebook ads.



You’re provided with a couple of different capture pages, again no technical skills needed on your part, with a HIGH value proposition for the viewers who land on your lead gen page (Check out one of the pages here if you like). Once a person lands on your page and enters their information, you now have a lead!  From there you can start building a relationship with your leads and start talking to them about your home based business.  TIP:  if you are in the health and wellness industry you might post on Facebook, “Here’s how the leaders in XYZ company are generating leads daily using Facebook!” and then send them to your link.  Watch the Facebook Live video below from Joel’s recent training (Start at 7:00 minutes and you’ll be right at the sweet spot of the video where he really breaks down how this works).


What if I told you that there is an EVEN EASIER way to start using the Fan Page system for generating leads?  Below is a video where I review the system so you can see the places where you can start implementing this right away, but let me break it down for you:


  1. You’ll Be Directed to Join the Pureleverage Closed Facebook Group
  2. You’ll Also be Directed to Like Joel Therien’s Facebook Page
  3. Like, Share, and Comment – 3 times-a-day

THAT’S IT!  Easy Peazy!  And if you didn’t hear it in Joel’s video above, he has already paid over $61k for Facebook ads that benefits the Fan Page System members by promoting for you!


So if you just did what Joel calls the CORE COMMITMENTS – Like, Share, Comment 3 times-a-day, you’ll be a ROCKSTAR and be able to leverage the momentum of this powerful system.  The BEST part, Can you see how this could be duplicated by ALL the members of your organization – for those of you in network marketing in particular?  OR you could use this system to build a massive home based business in any internet marketing opportunity.


  • Easily duplicatable
  • DFY capture pages, lead gen system
  • Irresistible Front end value proposition
  • Can be used to build any business
  • No technical skills needed


  • Pages don’t brand you
  • Company replicated pages can get saturated

If you’re ready to start generating massive leads and accelerate your internet business growth, click here or any of the FanPage system links on this page to join my team of marketers and internet entrepreneurs!  As far as dealing with the company replicated pages and branding for you, I’ve got you covered.  Once you’ve joined, I’ll share with you another super secret tactic that only me and my business partner are using to leverage 1,000’s of video views from other people to get leads and sales with the Fanpage system.


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    Reply Reply August 28, 2016

    I am already a member and resell member. Can I have 2 accounts? I do not understand how to set up the Fan Page , but then I have not gone through the steps on my back office. Do I have a fan page? I watched 3 video trainings there and still confused?? I go to his fan page and I like 3 comments from the other people ? WHERE do you have the more info for me here on your blog? this video is the same one from you tube. I can tell already I will learn more from you than from his training. I dont understand his training. maybe this isnt for me? if I have signed up already with his training can I still be trained by you? or do I need to sign up all over again, ISN’T THIS PAGE AN AFFILIATE PAGE FOR WHEN I SIGN UP HERE YOU GET CRTEDIT FROM HIM, HOW DO I GET YOUR TRAINING? YES I will work one year with this? I dont understand the 3 comments likes daily ? like what comments, his or the comments on the page from others???

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