GotBackup Review & Testimonial: Will Gotbackup Replace Dropbox? Carbonite?

Gotbackup-Review-Testimonial-by-Kai-KauaiEver had your laptop lock up on you or a virus completely crash your system never to return again?  And all you have left is a carcass of what used to be your favorite place to keep and share your projects, recipes, homework assignments, family videos, and maybe even some of your most precious memories?

If you think that free services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Onedrive are enough, you might want to consider some alternatives.  Can you restore your computer’s operating system from Dropbox?  I didn’t think so.. Not using some type of secure backup solution yet?  Then it’s just a matter of when, NOT IF, your digital information will be compromised or even lost forever.

GotBackup Review Video

Do You Really Need GotBackup?

More and more households have multiple devices.  I would be surprised if you had any less than two tablets or kindles and two Galaxy 7’s.  A recent survey suggests that the average home in the U.S. has 4 devices and people are placing a higher value on their personal data, whether it’s videos or pictures, and there is an increasing fear of cyber threats. GotBackup not only gives you an easy platform to use, set it up takes just a few minutes, but ALL of your data is encrypted – using the same grade of security the military uses.  Maybe Kim Kardashian or Scarlet Johansson should have looked into Gotbackup!

What’s the GotBackup Opportunity All about?

This may not be for you, but if you’re someone who keeps your options open or might be interested in a side project then check out the graphic below:

gotbackup-review-kai-kauaiYou can make a recurring income EACH AND EVERY MONTH by helping people protect their laptops, desktops, and smartphone and tablet data.  In your first month you EARN 100% commission on EVERY sale.  In the 2nd Month you EARN 50% on each of your direct referrals.  Checkout the GotBackup Compensation Plan here for further details.

Is GotBackup Legit?

Maybe you heard that GotBackup could potentially be a SCAM.  However, with a 92% customer satisfaction and retention rate, I doubt GotBackup will be going anywhere for a long, long time.  Their offices are located in San Antonio, TX and they would probably give you a guided tour of the facility if it meant making you feel better.  GotBackup wants you to feel safe and secure, but also understand that there truly is a legitimate business surrounding GotBackup and the other suite of online products offered by its creator Joel Therien.

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