The One Hour Lead Magnet Creation Formula

Struggling to Collect Leads for Your Business?

Driving traffic to your site means nothing if you’re not able to get those visitors back to your site.  The most effective way to guarantee traffic to your website is having an engaged list of subscribers.  You can start building a list on Facebook, sort of, without collecting emails, but you can’t send each one of those type of viewers a message any time you want.  The best way to build a targeted list of subscribers that will help grow your website traffic and eventually your business, is using a juicy, irresistible lead magnet that helps solve an immediate problem for your visitors.


2 Things to Consider Before Creating Your Lead Magnet

Doing research on where your target audience is hanging out, will give your content the best chance of being seen.   How will you know?  The obvious ways are engaging prospects on different social media platforms or in forums where people in your niche hang out.  Checkout #12 of my 15 reasons post for places you can look quickly for where your prospect is hanging out online.

The 2nd thing to look for is what posts, conversations, and/or discussions are drawing in the most comments.  You will see a lot of people offering advice, but one simple way that I have found to get people to engage with my content is to answer a specific question that they ask in a forum or in a Google plus community.  Here is an example of a short video I did to help someone in a community.  Once you show that you’re active in a community and adding value to its members, more people will reach out to you and ask for help.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Now that you have an idea of what your prospects need help with, you can craft your ethical bribe.  As a foundation for interacting in your niche, the best recipe for engaging people is putting out valuable content on a regular basis.  That being said, your lead magnet should be short and to the point AND should ask your prospect for their email in exchange for you providing a solution to their problem.

Your subscriber should be able to consume the content within an hour, which means you can’t make it too complex.  I like to use “How To” type videos that don’t last more than 20 minutes with concise, actionable steps.  Your niche might be served better by just making a quick action plan and saving it as a PDF file.  Obviously, whatever your lead magnet is it must be long enough to deliver what you promised.

Write or Type out an outline of what you’re going to cover.  If using video, which is a quick way to produce your offer, you will use the outline to cover your bullet points in an organized flow of information.  You could use the outline as the PDF document you’re going to deliver if you prefer to deliver an actual document.

Go Out and Do it!

OK.  So you know where your prospects hangout, you’ve studied the EXACT issues they need help with and you know the exact words they used to ask for help.  You know the format you’re going to use to deliver your offer – I highly recommend video for two reasons: 1) it’s quick and 2) Your prospects start to get to know you personally.  Let’s get that first Lead Magnet out there and integrate it with your autoresponder.

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