When Your WHY Is Not Enough – 2 Steps To Finding Your Purpose

Are you frustrated with your current job?  Are you sick and tired of the day-to-day grind, tired of being broke, or just plain unfulfilled with your life?  I’m sure there is a specific reason that is driving you to build an online business.  If you have all the leads you need.. if you are hitting your monthly income goals or if you are living an abundant life doing exactly what you want, when you want because of your online business…STOP READING right here and please email me because I would love to talk to you about how! (Here’s my email Contactkai@kaikauai.com).  Otherwise, hang out for a minute and find out how 2 little tweaks to your thinking could gain you all of the success you’re looking for in your online business.  This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2


You and I have considered this over and over in our heads right??  We want more freedom, freedom to do things we want, we post pictures of our kids and say, “They are MY WHY!”  I’m here to tell you that’s not enough.  Yes there is an emotional attachment to saying you want more time freedom or you want to work less and spend more time with your family, but that is not a purpose.  It will be hard for you to really speak to your customer or intended market if you can’t clearly identify what your contribution is to your customer -What’s in it for Them? – and what benefits they will experience by using your service or product – What’s the impact?


In a recent podcast interview David Mead, national speaker and one of the original members of START WITH WHY, gave us two essential elements to help identify your purpose.  Consider that these are at the CORE of WHY your business exists, all of the other stuff, i.e. time freedom, vacations, more time with your family, ARE really just the benefits of executing this purpose successfully.

  1. WHAT is your contribution to your market
  2. WHAT is the impact you’re having on your market

Going forward my purpose statement will look like:

To inspire people to use an internet business as a means for taking control of their financial futures so that they can live more fulfilling lives on their own terms.

Try this simple formula today and REALLY nail down your purpose.  Once you start operating from that perspective, you’ll start seeing the results you’re looking for.  Share your WHY below and if you found value in this post, share it with someone you think could benefit from it.  Also, checkout my DAY 1 post here


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