Research suggests that if a customer can’t find your website, they may think you’re NOT EVEN open for business! So Before you think you can just spend all of your time and money on social media to build your business online, check out these 5 tactics that Smart Business Owners will be using in 2020. If these are missing from your business, they ARE Absolutely costing you serious money.


With Today’s level of entry for starting a website, you have no excuses for being without a website. Your potential customers will be searching for you and any reviews out there about YOU before they ever make a buying decision. That is why a website will be an essential business tactic to use online in 2020. Because If they can’t find you, DOES YOUR BUSINESS EVEN EXIST?

If they can’t find you, DOES YOUR BUSINESS EVEN EXIST?

If you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on 100% of all the potential searches for your type of product or service. Check out one of the affordable web-hosting services I reviewed in my Resources section to get an idea of how affordable web-hosting can be.

Facebook and Instagram may be fun to play on, but you don’t own your profile on social media – even if you have a white check mark in a little blue badge by your name. They can suspend your account, They can keep your content, THEY dictate the rules on how you engage with your audience.

Think BIG social media sites aren’t playing with your content? ..Remember 2018, when a young woman decided to target Youtube for RESTRICTING her videos? You can’t make this stuff up! With your own site, you are in control of your investment and no one can dictate how you run your business. Imagine spending 100’s of hours building a following on social media only to have them pull the plug..Don’t let it happen to you ..Get your own website.

#2 EMAIL MARKETING still has the best ROI

Possibly one of the most profitable strategies for small businesses in 2020, email marketing is not being used by a surprising amount of businesses. Would you pay for advertising if you could make $4 for every $1 you spent? Sounds pretty good, right? In 2016, radio advertising estimated a $12 return for every $1 spent on ads. The average for email marketing is $38 Dollars!! That’s a $38 return for every $1 spent..Got your attention?

That’s a $38 return for every $1 spent..

Also, most people check their email on a handheld device an average of 10 times during the day. I’m not telling you to slam your subscribers with garbage 10 times a day, I HATE spam just as much as the next guy. But think about being able to send a sincere, targeted solution to your already happy customers ANYTIME you want. And.. you enjoy a 3800% return for your efforts.

#3 IS YOUR CTA (Call To Action), MIA?

There are 1,000’s of websites out there that are missing a KEY ingredient that is so stupid simple, it’s hard for them to even realize that it’s MISSING – a STRONG Call To Action.

Would you rather have a billboard and risk that people become blind to it after having driven by it a million times….?


Would you rather have a LOUD speaker, blasting your message to every single person who visits your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year..screaming:

“Get Your deliciously, tantalizing, MIND blowing, lip-smacking, desires fulfilled at our EVERYTHING-YOU-EVER-WANTED-STORE!”

GIVE ME THE Loudspeaker! – CALL TO ACTION. Without CALLing your visitors TO ACTION, you might as well have one page with your picture on it and a cardboard sign that says, “LEMONADE 10 cents” with a CLOSED sign right next to it.

Just because you build your website, doesn’t mean people will come and when they do come…what do you want them to do? A Strong CAll TO ACTION is one of the ninja small business marketing strategies that flat out works!

Put your solution to their problem out there and then CALL your visitors to come get it!


It’s estimated that 72% of consumers who are using a smartphone to search for a business, will visit that business within 24 hours. By Claiming your business on Google, you’ll be giving yourself a homing beacon for those smartphone users, who are out driving around, searching for your services. Give yourself an advantage by making yourself visible to users who are close by and searching for the services you provide.

If you do business primarily on-line, you can still claim your business..BUT the more important tactic to use is making sure your website is mobile responsive. Mobile responsive is just a fancy way to say that your website fits on a smartphone or tablet screen and the user can still access all of the features on your website. Even on-line businesses can gain credibility by using this strategy and have another way to connect with customers.


Recent studies indicate that by 2021, people will be watching an average of 100 minutes of online video a day! They want to see you, your business, and your products. With the sheer amount of time video is being watched online, VIDEO must be one of the resources required for online business.

You can start building trust and increase your credibility from the very first video

What makes you stand out from your competition? Why or how do the benefits of your service solve your ideal customer’s problem? Show them in a video!

Two huge benefits of using video are:

    1. You can start building trust and increase your credibility from the very first video
    2. Video Boosts Traffic To Your Website!

More traffic to your site + Trust & Credibility = More sales and conversions.

You might be frightened out of your mind about the prospect of getting on video – I think the #1 phobia that people have is public speaking…2nd only to spiders or going to the dentist, depending on who you ask. Here’s the thing about video – content that gives value to the viewer is what counts…

I always use a rule that my High School English teacher taught me about writing, but I apply it to video:

Videos are like skirts..They should be long enough to cover the
subject, but short enough to be interesting

So there you have it! 5 Tactics Smart Businesses will be using online in 2020. I’m not saying you are dumb if you’re not already using these 5 tactics But….You could be SMARTER and HAPPIER running your business with these tools in your tool box. [Here’s my Call To Action]

If you’re ready to unleash a flood of customers on your business and increase your bottom line, Click here to Contact me and let’s get started!

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