Are you considering a website for your business? How about a website for the online business you’re thinking of starting? If this sounds like you, then keep reading…

And Find out How a busy father of 6 children was able to turn a hobby into a side business helping people, just like you, go from being horribly invisible online to having your own sales and lead generating beacon using WordPress!

If you’ve heard that WordPress is one of the easiest ways to launch a site…I’d say you’re right!

And..If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur that needs help starting, growing, or maintaining your self-hosted WordPress site..I’m you’re Guy!

I’m Kai and if you want your WordPress site to look or act so that it matches the vision of your online business, then I can help!

  • Looking for reviews of products that will help your business run smoother?
  • Need technical help because your site doesn’t look quite right?
  • Need someone to build your site for you?
  • Need advice on plug-ins, themes, adding videos….or don’t know what any of that means?

In 2012, I built my first WordPress site. Since then I went on to freelance services like WordPress installations, site development, custom blog graphics, marketing videos, and video intro/outro creation.

Check out one of the Video intros I created for an online course developer:

I started out building websites with WordPress as way to earn extra income online. I fell in love with the challenge of building out sites! I found that I had a knack for troubleshooting issues for people and helping get their site(s) to Act and Look the way they envisioned. I have since spent my time learning WordPress operation through online education and am learning coding to enhance the service I can offer to online business owners.

What started out as a side hustle has become a passion of mine even though I’ve had a 20+ year career in operations as a leader for 2 different fortune 500 companies – one of which is my Day job. I’m just your average over achiever who found himself geeking out on online marketing. I have a wife and 6 children and love being with them when I’m not saving the world from WordPress gremlins.

If you find my posts, videos, lessons, and tips extremely helpful, First – Please comment on them and Second – share them with people who you know can really benefit from them. My goal is to help your online business run smoother so you can concentrate on what you do best – Your Business! Connect with me here to get started Today!