All In One Profits Review

Searching for more information on All In One Profits, or AIOP? 
You’ve come to the right place.  In this All In One Profits Review post I’m going to break down features, functionality, and answer the big question…Can you Really make money with AIOP?


AIOP is a suite of products that anyone can use to market a business online.  First you must choose a product level – Basic or Pro.   The basic package includes – WEB Hosting (1GB Disk space/10GB bandwidth per month) and an email Auto-responder with unlimited campaigns and unlimited subscribers.  You also get a Splash/Squeeze page builder, a URL rotator, and 10 url trackers.  

The Pro package has some distinct advantages, namely that you get more hosting space (2GB Disk space / 20GB of bandwidth).  You also get the option to expand hosting space to meet your needs as your website grows!  See below for a side-by-side comparison of the Basic vs. Pro packages.

AIOP Basic or Pro packages and start making money today.

UPDATE: AIOP announces video hosting for its members!

Something new to All In One Profits is that members can upload videos to the AIOP servers.  This is a HUGE bonus because AIOP members can host their videos without fear of having advertisements play over them.  No more lost views or possibly having viewers click on advertisements and leave the video.   This feature is only available to Pro members at this time.

AIOP Webhosting

You can search the normal places like Godaddy, bluehost, or even or HostGator.  Because AIOP comes with all of the other features, their webhosting is just a little bit better.  You don’t have to secure your own domain name right away though, AIOP will let you use a subdomain.  If you want to set yourself apart from other internet marketers, you’ll want to get your own domain name. 

I like using WordPress due to the ease of installing and site set-up – this site is on AIOP hosted servers.  You can judge the page load speeds for yourself.  It took me just a few minutes to get my hosting account set up and get my domain name connected.  If you plan on using your site for e-commerce or a lot of graphics, I would recommend you start out with the PRO package due to the amount of space you get.

AIOP Auto-responder

With All In One Profits, you can set-up unlimited campaigns for any of your promotions.  Some advanced features include campaign sharing (For PRO members), tracking and split-testing, sales funnel customization, easy capture page integration and most importantly ANTI-Spam compliance.  You can use your AIOP auto-responder with any WordPress plugins or websites where you can copy and paste an HTML form.  Click Here for an example capture page that has been integrated with the AIOP auto-responder.

One of the advanced features that will be important as you grow a list of email subscribers is segmenting.  AIOP allows you to transfer your double opt-in subscribers from one campaign to another without having them go through an additional opt-in.  While there may be a few extra steps involved with setting-up a campaign with AIOP, you get a lot of value compared to some of the larger stand-alone auto-responder services.  During the time that I have been using All In One Profits, I haven’t had any issues with reliable email delivery.

Can you Make Money with AIOP?

The easiest way I’ve seen people using All In One Profits to earn an income online is by promoting the program as an affiliate offer.  For just $11.50 per month for the Basic package, you can promote AIOP and earn 100% commission when someone signs up to use the tools from your affiliate link.  Like many programs and web-tools out there, earning affiliate commissions by promoting a service or product is a legitimate way to make money online.

AIOP is not an MLM or network marketing program however.  The main components of their affiliate program is that you make a commission for everyone you referred who pays to use the tools and you pass up every other referral to the person that referred you.  You only get paid for your direct referrals which includes the referrals that are passed up to you.  Below is a breakdown of how referrals work:

How to Earn an Income with All In One Profits

Of course you can also earn an income by using your website as an online store or blog.  If you are using Facebook ads to promote products, you can also set up bridge pages on your website where you send your leads once they click on your Facebook ads.  Another easy way to use your site, especially when using WordPress, is by uploading a plugin.  You can get both free and premium plugins that will help you build squeeze pages easily.  Then you can build out multiple funnels and promote affiliate products from places like Clickbank or JVzoo.

Overall, I would call All In One Profits the most cost effective way to get into internet marketing and one of the best values for the cost.  If you’ve been looking for an economical way to get the tools you need to get into online marketing, try AIOP today!

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