Build A Biz Online Review

Don’t let the cartoon-like design fool you, BuildABizOnline is more than child’s play in the marketing tools department. In this review, I’ll put the auto-responder, splash page builder, and cloaking/tracking to the test.

What is Build-A-Biz Online?

BuildABizOnline (BABO) is a marketing system owned and operated by Ian Stewart. I have used the chat feature to interact with Ian while in the members area and he is very responsive to the members of his site. In fact, I have been working on a capture page and he has sent me a message just checking to make sure I was doing ok. That’s Old School customer service!

BABO is a suite of marketing tools geared towards the “Newbie” that includes an affiliate program. You get an email autoresponder, splash page builder, email tracking, URL rotator, link tracking/cloaking, and several different promotion tools that help you promote multiple programs on the same page.

BABO Auto-responder

Like most auto-responders, you have to create a campaign first. You get pre-formatted confirmation pages, thank you page, and unsubscribe options. If you’re new to online marketing, you’ll appreciate that this part is automated for you. There is a built-in HTML editor that I highly recommend you use when formatting the emails in your campaign. This gives an extra-step when creating your auto-responder messages, but will ensure that your emails look good when they arrive.

Most auto-responders don’t need you to pre-format, they have the HTML editing built in. Ian has training videos that show you how to get set-up, but this could cause a little heart ache for people who are unfamiliar with HTML. The plus side of the auto-responder is that you do have the ability to copy the HTML capture form and copy it into any forms or page builders. Each campaign automatically connects to a capture page so you can start promoting after you add your headlines and body copy.

Not the most user friendly auto-responder I’ve used, but more than sufficient for the price – $10 per month for the Pro Plus membership level.

BABO Splash Page Builder

The Splash page builder gives you over 60 pre-made templates to choose from. All you need to do is add your headlines, keywords, and body copy and you can have a splash page ready to promote quickly.

Here is a quick list building funnel I made using the splash page builder:

First – I made a splash page that you can find here:
If you click on the “Click Here” link on the Splash page, it takes you to the integrated capture page. And, So you can see the landing page after opt-in, you are taken to this page:

Not bad for about 30 minutes of playing with the different templates and testing the auto-responder to make sure the pages all worked correctly. As you get more familiar with the page builder, obviously your time spent creating pages will decrease. One thing I didn’t like was that the email capture page templates were not the same as the ones used in the splash page builder. I like the page designs throughout the funnel to be congruent and I had to use a different design for my capture page. If you looked at the splash page examples in the links above, you probably noticed that the capture page had a beach background and all of the other pages had a railroad track background.

BABO Link Cloaking/Tracking

The link cloaking and tracking is where BuildABizOnline separates itself from marketing tools that are comparable in price. Sites like Hitsconnect, and others, provide tracking links and analytics so that you understand the effect of your promotions. For about the same cost you pay for Hitsconnect, you can have all of the features of BuildABizOnline.

Below is an example of what you see when you set up link cloaking/tracking on one of your affiliate URL’s. You can click on ‘stats’ (not shown in the picture) , that tell you when someone clicks on your URL, what IP address, and what site the click came from. With the pro and pro plus membership levels, you can make unlimited cloaking/tracking URL’s. That’s worth the cost of the entire membership.

Is BuildABizOnline right for you?

I highly recommend this system for someone who is new to affiliate marketing and is familiar enough to know that they need some basic tools. With Ian’s help, BuildABizOnline is a smart investment if you’re just starting out. BABO also has enough features to help you grow your affiliate business without costing a fortune.

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