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Beginners Guide How To Make a WordPress Website

In this beginners guide to using WordPress, get the quick version of how to get your wordpress website up and running. While some hosting companies make it super easy, there are still a few steps that might confuse you. But… Don’t worry, here you’re going to get the typed version with screen-shots and videos sprinkled […]

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5 Online Tactics Successful Businesses Are Using in 2020

Research suggests that if a customer can’t find your website, they may think you’re NOT EVEN open for business! So Before you think you can just spend all of your time and money on social media to build your business online, check out these 5 tactics that Smart Business Owners will be using in 2020. […]

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How to Install WordPress in cPanel

It’s no secret that the easiest way to get a professional, highly functional, website for your business is by using wordpress. Between the hundreds or even thousands of wordpress themes, it may be a bit overwhelming to choose one that you like. Before you can use any of those themes though, you need wordpress on […]

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